The Alhambra Triangle District is bounded by R Street to the North, Hwy 50 to the South, 34th Street to the East and 30th Street to the West. The neighborhood is home to a charming collection of arts and crafts era homes, many of which appear to have been developed in the 1920's and 1930's. Adjacent to the neighborhood was the Libby, McNeill & Libby Canning Factory, which opened in 1913 to employ 225 workers, many of whom likely built the Craftsman bungalows that line the district today. A 3-block commute to the factory made the Alhambra Triangle District an ideal place to live for Cannery staff. One old timer reminisced that "the aroma, the scent of tomatoes was all over the neighborhood for blocks during tomato season." This may have contributed to the City being nicknamed ‘Sacratomato'. Today, the factory has been succesfully repurposed into "The Cannery" office complex, housing businesses and agencies such as the Military Entrance Processing Station, U.S. HealthWorks Medical, Boutique Acupuncture and dental offices. As in decades past, many modern-day "Cannery" employees choose to call the Alhambra Triangle home. And so this district continues to represent a diverse and beautiful thread in the rich urban fabric of Sacramento.