*November 2021 NBNA Meeting: 

Please join us for our next NBNA meeting LIVE on Thursday, November 18, 2021 from 6:00 - 7:45 pm in the large multipurpose room of Church of First Nazarene, entrance 1820 28th Street. You can find a copy of the meeting agenda here! We hope to see you there! 

We will be practicing social distancing.



Thank you to those of you who helped with the neighborhood clean up day on Saturday, June 26th ! It was a great success!


















Neighborhood Book Release:

"Sacramento's Newton Booth & Poverty Ridge"































The Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association and Friends of the Ella K. McClatchy Library are proud to support the newly released pictorial history from Arcadia Publishing: Sacramento's Newton Booth and Poverty RidgeTo purchase your copy, please visit the Amazon storefront of the Friends of the Sacramento Library at the following link: 


100% of proceeds from book sales through the Sacramento Library Friends will benefit the non-profits Sac Library Friends and the Friends of the Ella K. McClatchy Library. The book is also available at independent bookstores citywide and all author's proceeds will be donated to the Friends of the Ella K. McClatchy Library, which supports our neighborhood branch. Thank you for helping to support our neighborhood library!


*Poverty Ridge & Newton Booth Historic District Street Marker Walking Tours: 


The NBNA is proud to announce the release of our free self-guided walking tours for the Poverty Ridge and Newton Booth Historic District street markers! The tours are composed of excerpts from the pictorial history: “Sacramento's Newton Booth and Poverty Ridge”, which was authored by a neighborhood resident and board member with support from the NBNA. This historical guide provides a broad view of the Poverty Ridge and Newton Booth neighborhoods from Gold Rush-era to the early 21st century and will be available for purchase in October 2020. All author's proceeds from the sale of the book will go to support our local non-profit, the Ella K. McClatchy Library Friends, which helps to organize and raise funds for reading programs and the structural maintenance of the historic Ella K. McClatchy Library branch. The free self-guided tours are available in PDF form as well as via Google Maps. It is our hope that these tours will serve to help our community become better acquainted with the vibrant and compelling histories of the Newton Booth and Poverty Ridge Historic Districts.




Poverty Ridge Walking Tour PDF

Newton Booth Walking Tour PDF























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